Evanston, Illinois – September 05, 2007 Eolas Techonologies Incorporated today announced the reorganization of operations to separate its research and development and licensing activities. Eolas has formed a wholly-owned company, Iomas Research, LLC, to carry on its research and development efforts, while Eolas will focus on the licensing and commercialization of innovative technologies.

Since its incorporation in 1994, Eolas has focused on solving fundamental problems in bioinformatics and extending these solutions to have broader applicability outside the biotechnology field. In the early 1990s, Dr. Michael D. Doyle lead a group of researchers as Director of the Center for Knowledge Management at the University of California – San Francisco in the development of technologies that would allow sharing of and collaboration on extremely large sets of biological data. In particular, Dr. Doyle's group focused its research on solving difficult information sciences problems that were part of a project initiated in the late 1980s by the National Library of Medicine to create a standard database of human anatomy, called the “Visible Human Project.” The resultant work of Dr. Doyle's group not only solved the specific problem of providing a low-cost way to provide wide-spread access for scientists and educators to remote supercomputer-based-visualizations systems, but also enabled the general transformation of the web into a robust platform for the development and deployment of any type of interactive applications. Since its incorporation, Eolas has generated a number of fundamental technologies through its research and development efforts.

The separation of research and development and licensing activities will allow a greater focus on each of these activities. Dr. Doyle will serve as Iomas' Chief Executive Officer and will focus and continue to lead research and development activities, while Mark Swords will continue as Chief Executive Officer of Eolas and focus on the licensing and commercialization of the fundamental techologies currently in the Eolas portofolio, as well as those technologies that are developed by Iomas.